The momentum has begun!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been trying to sell my furniture, and everything else I own, for several months now.  I feel like I’m in limbo until it all goes.  I can’t really take the next step until all my crap is gone so I can get out of my apartment and start saving for my plans.

And most of you know how aggravated I’ve been with this process because it’s very time consuming, aggravating and emotional.

Well, I’ve reached a breakthrough and momentum has begun!

I posted all of my big furniture again last week on a Facebook yard-sale sight and got an abundance of interest and inquiries.  Like I was completely overwhelmed, but it was great.  There are still a couple of big pieces left and a couple people are interested but no commitments yet but I got rid of a lot of items this weekend.

My sister came to hang with me for the day which was good because she talked me through my mini melt downs as I watched everything go out the door.  My big flat screen tv, coffee table, end table and my beautiful bookcase.  Ahhhh my bookcase.  Yup, I’m a big book person so that was a big thing for me to let go of.  If you are a book person like me then you understand.

So all that’s left in my living room is my couch, love seat and tv stand.  Then I still have to get rid of my dining room set which has proven to be harder than I expected because soooooo many people have expressed interest in it, because of course it’s beautiful, but it’s just too big.  A lot of people see it, want it and think it’ll be perfect for their kitchen, until they look at the dimensions.  It’s just too big for a kitchen and a lot of people don’t have dining rooms these days apparently.  But I know it will go when it’s meant to go.

Now as I wait to get rid of those last couple of large pieces, I will start to get more intense with going through everything else I own to get rid of.  I look around and realize I have a lot of stuff to still get rid of.  Wall art, home decor, kitchen gadgets, collectables etc.  I have my work cut out ahead of me here.

But now that I broke through with getting rid of some of the furniture, I’m really motivated to get through the rest of this stuff quick.

I’m going to make piles of keep, sell, donate and trash.  The keep pile is initially going to be what I think I’ll keep and then after I get rid of the sell/donate/trash piles I’ll go back to the keep pile and purge again.

I can’t wait until I’m standing in the middle of my empty apartment saying goodbye.

Whoah, that just sounds weird.  I’m actually doing this, it’s really happening.

There’s no going back now!!!!!

See you on the road, hopefully soon.

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