Step one…..complete!

A lot has happened since my last post and I am beyond excited.

I have gotten rid of just about everything I own by either selling, donating or trashing it.  I would guess that about 75% of my belongings were brought to the local donation center.  It was very hard at first but as I kept getting ridding of things, it got easier and felt liberating.

My life belongings have been reduce to four Rubbermaid bins that are now stacked up in my sisters basement.  Those four bins, my clothes, toiletries, and a couple of small boxes of things I still need to sort through, are all I now own.

It’s crazy to think that I had a house full of furniture and belongings and now I’m down to four bins and I still think I have too much.  Wow how the mind changes as you get into the mindset of owning only essentials.

Yup…..step one is complete and I’ve already begun step two.

I gave my notice to my landlord on the first of August and I was so sad.  I loved my unit and my landlord was the best landlord ever.  I will miss it there and miss having my own place, but my wanderlust is stronger than the need to have a safety net of a sticks and bricks residence.

It’s now been just over two weeks since I moved in with my sister.  I still have several bags of miscellaneous stuff that I need to go through but for the most part I’ve settled in pretty well.  It’s not an ideal set up as I’m sharing a bedroom with my niece but it’s not bad at all since I basically only sleep in there.  And I have to say, she has been so accepting of the situation without hesitation or complaining that she has to share her room with her aunt.  She graciously gave me space in her closet, her bureau and a couple of baskets in her wall cube unit.  Honestly, what ten year old girl would be so willing to share her personal space?

So now I’m on to step 2 of my plan as mentioned in my It’s Happening post.

Save, save, save!

You may have seen me tossing around between whether I will travel abroad first or go straight into a vehicle and travel the country.  Well, I have really been leaning towards traveling abroad for 3-6 months first.  I feel like if I start traveling the country first then I’ll get so wrapped up in the millions of awesome things to see that I’ll never make it abroad.  I’d rather travel abroad now while I’m younger, even though I’m already 48, instead of waiting until later in life.

Who knows, if I love it then I could spend years traveling abroad.  If I hate it then I’ll be home sooner and begin my nomadic life in an RV.

I still have time to decide and I know the right decision will come to me, but for now I’ll just keep saving and preparing for the day that I can leave my job and begin my new life.

Excited is a major understatement here, I can’t wait until I can be on my way.

Stay tuned.

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