Some women want diamonds….


Yes, this pretty much sums me up perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Some women want diamonds….”

  1. Looks nice, very nice. Just be careful your not trading your diamonds in for a big bear gift that will eat you then dump you off a cliff. Make sure you carry a very big gun with big bullets. Make sure you carry two, incase the first gun malfunctions when you soil all over it, you will still have the love of the other gun to save you.
    That way you can go back to your diamonds and trade them in for an arsenal of bear and disfigured hillbilly zombies with bow & arrows. What can I say you have to watch out for both. Lol.

    I know I know, too much movie addiction for me but sci-fi can be very educational – can you say molecular anti-mater plasma bomb, why sure I knew you could.

    Just playing, have fun be safe, and remember don’t ever feed a moose that’s bigger than you. Also be careful with snakes, black widows, scorpions, ticks with lime disease, and men with candy.

    1. You’re messages always crack me up. LOL Ok so what I got out of all that is the most important lesson is to watch out for men with candy. Got it! hahaha

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