Should I stay or should I go?



Lately, my mind is in a constant struggle as to whether I should stay and travel the country in a van or travel abroad and backpack Southeast Asia.

I have always had a dream of traveling abroad for a year, or longer if possible.  But I have never been in the situation where I could do that while being married, working on my career, continuing education blah blah blah.

So several years back when I became single again, I was thinking it was the perfect time to do it.  I had nothing holding me back anymore.  Not tied to a relationship, no more mortgage, no children and no debt other than my car loan.  But I just felt like it wasn’t something I had the guts to do on my own.  I kept talking about it but knew I wouldn’t actually do it.  That’s when I came across the tiny house movement and then later the van dwelling lifestyle.  I felt that was a safer option for me.  As usual, I always take the ‘safe’ road.

Needless to say I’ve been dreaming for the last year or so about buying a van to live in and travel the country.  But you know this already because that’s what my entire blog has been about.

Well, I have to admit.  For the last month or so I have been feeling a strong pull to do the backpacking abroad option again.

Why am I so confused as to what I want to do?  I keep waiting for a sign or something to tell me which direction I should go.  But I know ultimately I need to decide what’s best for me.

I feel like if I do the van option first then I’ll never follow through with the travel abroad.  But if I do the travel abroad option first then I won’t have resources when I get back to purchase and customize a van.  What to do…..what to do.

I think once I actually get rid of all my crap and get out of my apartment, it will just come to me what I should do.  Who knows but I hope so because I’m so torn.

Story of my life.



6 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?”

  1. You can have the best of both worlds, why go to Asia to see mountains when there are huge mountains to see here. Plus do you really think it’s safe in other countries. Could get framed like in that TV show Locked Up Abroad.
    Other countries may have corrupt law enforcement. They want your money, no money they will turn you into a working slave, but unlike the loving USA there is no pay. Lol, camping can even be free, do you really want to pay all that money to see the same type of nature. As the old saying goes ” There’s No Place Like Home “

    1. Yes my fear factor makes me want to stay and travel the US, which I want to do anyway because there is SO much here I haven’t seen. But I also want to be diverse and see other countries and cultures. I was also thinking I could mix the two. If I continue with the van dream and travel the country I could take off every now and then and take a trip to other places I want to see for a couple of weeks and then come back home to the safety and comfort of my van. Kind of a compromise with myself? LOL What do you think?

  2. Just make sure that where your going will be safe. Don’t take candy from a strange man living in a van, unless he offers you cash, lol, Yoou know I’m just joking, Do bring bear spray with you to keep Bob Wells away, and a shotgun to keep real bears away.

    All in fun, wish you well, and drink bottled water, not Mexican water, or water you don’t know about. By the way, not making fun of Mexicans, some of my relatives are married to Mexicans. I’m a Cuban, but came to US when I was 3 years old- born 1963 October so I just turned 53. Was raised in Michigan surrounded by a bunch of wonderful loving religious Dutch people. Had lots of beautiful woods behind my parents house, wow, I even saw golden eagles back there, wonderful wildlife. It was a wonderful magical place to grow up in with lots of friends. Halloween was a blast, but then every day was a blast. I loved the snow and played in it like there was no tomorrow going down a huge water tower hill. After school farmers would let all the children pick and eat whatever they wanted, cooked corn on the cobb and Cool-Aid, grapes, apples, pears, watermelons, strawberries, green beans, carrots, etc. Would also make Indian necklaces out of colorful Indian corn. Many great times, then move to Florida at age 10, but that’s a whole other story.

    Sorry I’m off subject, just thought you might know a little about me.

    P.S.- I am a what is called a Legal Permanent Resident Alien, funny I don’t feel like an alien or look like one, not a US Citizen, I don’t have a current US Passport or any immunization shots to travel abroad. Problem I don’t like needles and I don’t like being strip searched by radiation, x-rays, microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves, or krypton waves by superman inventions. lol. So for me travel abroad may be a problem. I don’t want to travel just for the sake of travel. I would like to see Alaska, Canada, or Hawaii, but only in the form of a cruise ship.

    Just think I typed all this just sitting at work and I only type with two fingers, amazing but its always slow her every night. I can’t believe I mostly get paid to play on the internet.
    I do speak Spanish very well, so I can always visit or even retire in a Spanish speaking country like Costa Rica. But then I can’t seem to get away from Disney’s Tinkerbell, she wont here of it. She’ll kick my ass with here pixy dust saying that I only belong in Never Never Land. I know I know another joke, I Know she is not real, I thinkkkkkk.

    Well got to go it’s my last break, I get out every night at 11:00PM, I like sleeping in, I’m not really a morning person, unless it’s sex. That’s a very serious no joke.

    Well, later on.

    1. Yes, wherever I decide to go I promise I will be careful. 🙂 I’ve been to Mexico many times and always, I repeat always, bottled water. haha

      Sounds like a great childhood with all that fun and all those fresh fruits and veggies. Yummy! And what? Tinkerbell isn’t real? Stop it right now!!!! You must be delusional. lol

      Ok get back to work slacker. 😛

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