Selling everything I own


Trying to sell everything I own has proven to be a difficult task. Much more difficult than I was expecting. I feel I have beautiful furniture and I post it on Facebook and Craigslist constantly but all I sell is a piece of decor’ here and there.

It’s very frustrating!

All of my furniture was purchased within the last four years since my divorce and I don’t have children or pets so it’s all in ‘like new’ condition.  I don’t even think I’m asking outrageous prices but people offer pennies on the dollar.

One example of this is when I posted a hutch/pantry that is solid wood and I had it custom stained. It’s a beautiful piece and I paid over $650 for it so I posted it for $375 figuring I’d have wiggle room to haggle down to $300.  Keep in mind that this is a large piece of solid furniture that will last for at least the next twenty years, not something from Ikea.  No offense to Ikea, I have many decor’ pieces from them.

Well, this guy sent me a message offering me $50.  Seriously, FIFTY dollars for something I posted at $375.  How rude!  I informed him that I would not be able to accept that offer to which he began berating me about how stupid I am to think that anyone would pay that kind of money for a used item.

He continued with “I can buy a new one and get it delivered for that much.

I assured him that he wouldn’t get the same piece of furniture, new, and delivered for that much.  But if he could then he should do that and stop arguing with me.

He seemed to be a very angry person.  He ended the conversation with “good luck lady”.

Honestly, people really are mean.  He knew that I wasn’t going to accept $50 so why would he offer that?  Just looking for an argument?  I don’t understand.


I have had numerous situations like that and it’s frustrating.  I wish I could wiggle my nose and everything would be sold, just like that.

Am I being unreasonable in my pricing?  I don’t think so.  I understand my stuff is used but it’s still in excellent condition and I’m not going to take $50 for a $600 item.

What am I doing wrong?  Am I supposed to let everything go at flea market prices?  Am I focusing on the wrong crowd?

If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them.

The sooner I get rid of my stuff the sooner I can concentrate on my plan to make my dream a reality.

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  1. I totally feel your pain. I sell original art for a living and I’m appalled at the rude behaviors and belittling offers I sometimes encounter. Don’t give up! It’s just a matter of finding the right people who appreciate what you have. I find Craig’s List (at least in my area) to be full of folks looking for serious bargains, and for whatever reason, everyone wants to argue and tell you you’re wrong when you refuse their offers. Don’t know if that’s a CL thing, or not. Best of luck to you! Enjoying following your journey!

    1. Thank you, it’s nice to hear from someone who understands. I’m just doing this to get rid of all my furniture and I’m completely annoyed, I can’t imagine you dealing with that on a constant basis selling your artwork. People can be so rude. I’m going to keep plugging away at it and will be happy when it’s over so I can move on. 🙂

  2. Not to make you feel bad, but the economy is in a down turn again. Economist say that the U.S really has never gotten out of the recession of 2008. Everything is down, construction, retail, manufacturing, home sales, employment, and even Santa is downsizing. So tighten your girdle, your belt, hold on to your panties. hide the old sock with that extra change, because were all going to be on a new ride this time. U.S Banks, China, and Russia are all buying large amounts of gold likes it’s going out of style. The Stock Market is only up because of low interest rates, not because of production. The Market is soon due for a correction and when it does it will be a whopper. The U.S with Obama went from a deficit of 2-billion to 6-billion and climbing. Obama Care is going bankrupt. Chine is in a downward spiral with unemployment, U.S. to fallow.

    President Trump will have to turn into Superman in order to fix this global economic slave wage new world we now live in. Inflation now well past people’s income and health care has gone crazy.

    I just hope that even with your low sales that you will still be able to make your escape. I believe that the human race should be able to live in a utopian world where everybody would be happy and have immortality. To live forever, and never have to lose a love one to death or old age.

    I think I’m now getting philosophical so I’ll stop here. Good luck and hope the sales don’t stop you from the escape.

    1. Nah, doesn’t make me feel bad. hahaha I get it, people don’t want to spend money on stuff these days. But I get annoyed when I’m on FB groups and see others posting things similar to what I’m posting and it’s gone quickly. So it’s not like people aren’t buying used furniture, just not mine. Time to come up with other ideas to get rid of it all. 🙂

      Nothing is going to stop me from escaping, I just need to kick things up a notch. hahaha

  3. Hi, cheli! Don’t give up! Have you tried put on ebay? or Newspaper ads or how about make a flyer and post at Grocery , gas station, resturant etc, I see a lot of place that have a bulletin board for anyone to post it with flyer, business card, etc. Hope , I help you enough.

    1. Good morning! 🙂

      No I haven’t bothered with eBay yet because I’m trying to sell all of my furniture first. But it seems like a pain with all the s&h pricing and shipping and stuff. I should probably give it a try. The flyers is a great idea though, never even thought of trying that. Thanks for the ideas!

      1. Good evening! : )
        About ebay, Try to sell your furiture, you could do it without shipping. Just let the bidder know to have to pickup only or Local only in certain within Number of miles. Just Something to think about that may help to sell?. Good luck!!!

    1. Good morning Melinda, thanks for popping in. 🙂 It’s a slow process and frustrating but I’m still plugging along. I have a dream and I’m determined to make it happen come hell or high water. hahaha And how are you doing?

      1. Same here, lol….slow process, but I’m doing a little something everyday and that keeps me going! I decided to change the format of my blog so I took the original one down, but I hope to have a new one up around the first of the year. Best of luck in your quest!

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