Need pocket change or a free place to stay?

On a daily basis I am constantly surfing the web for ideas on things to do on the road, places to visit and ways to possibly make money.

During said web surfing, I came across a site for pet sitting gigs.  I thought that sounded like a good way to make some pocket money here and there and it can be done all across the country.  I love animals, I’ve had pets all my life, so why not check it out?

The website is Dog Vacay and I created a profile, I’m just waiting to be “approved”.  It’s something that I can do locally before I hit the road which would allow me to build up my online reputation so I can take advantage of other opportunities across the country.  There are options for pet sitting, dog walking and simple check in/visits.

Now regarding a free place to stay with a hot shower for those rare occasions where it may be desired or needed.

I came across a site for house sitting and there seems to be many opportunities for this.  I never knew there was even such a thing.  When I owned a house and went on vacation I never even considered having some complete stranger stay in my house.

The site I came across, House Sitters America, tends to be more house sitting in exchange for a free place to stay.  While I’m on the road I can’t imagine I would want to do this too often but here and there it may be a good option.  For example, if there is a city that I would like to stay in for a bit and explore but there isn’t a lot of places to safely park overnight.  This would give me the chance to do so and have a free hot shower daily and maybe do a load of laundry…..or two.

It does cost $30 per year for the membership but that gives you access to houses anywhere in the country.  But if you think of it, even a cheap motel cost $30-40 per night.  So if you did a one week gig then your membership is more than paid for.  And I imagine if I keep looking there must be other sites where you get paid for house sitting rather than doing it for free, or paying for a membership.

I’ll definitely be looking into some paid house sitter possibilities.

And finally, another fun option is Couchsurfing.  This is where people freely open up there home for travelers passing through town.  They may have a spare bedroom for you to stay or maybe it’s just their couch, but either way it’s a cool concept.  They have a free membership but you can upgrade to a “verified member” for I think it’s $20 per year.  I forget the exact fee and to be honest I’m just too lazy right now to go and confirm.  But it’s minimal, go check it out anyway.  The verified membership doesn’t really give you anymore benefits but maybe for some people it makes them feel more secure if the host or guest actually paid a fee to be a verified member.  I dunno, I suppose crazy people would spend $20 a year to lure unsuspecting victims to their home.

Ok, well that’s not how I planned this conversation to go……let’s move along here.

So that’s about it for my random night of web surfing.  I’m not sure if I’ll use any of these sites but maybe they’ll be helpful to you.  If you have used them before or plan to, let me know how it works out for you.

2 thoughts on “Need pocket change or a free place to stay?”

  1. Wow, thank! I didn’t know there is a such job to be house/pet sitter. I will put it on my job option list. Hmm..I wonder if the house owner may concern about sitter bring a pet in? I have a pet, Simon.

    1. Glad I could help, definitely put it on your option list and check it out.

      I would guess it depends on the owner and if their dog is friendly with other dogs or not, but it’s worth asking. Good luck and I’d be interested to hear if you try it out and how it works.

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