New ink.

I’m so excited about my new ink I got today, and I couldn’t love it more.  It really is cool as shit, don’t you think?  It helps that I have the best tattoo artist around, Ryan from Cobra Custom Tattoo in Plymouth.  If you ever want a killer tattoo from a bad ass dude, give him a call and be sure to tell him Cheli sent you.  Even once I’m on the road, I’ll be coming back home to him for all my ink needs.

Photo Jul 16, 7 44 43 PM

I’ve wanted a compass tattoo to represent my wanderlust.  But, I didn’t want it to be the traditional compass that is usually nautical with rope and crap, I wanted it to be my interpretation of a compass with soft and curvy lines.  It’s in my arm ditch, which is painful but totally worth it.

The only thing I thought of a couple hours later is that I will add ‘NE’ on the top to the right in the appropriate spot to represent the North East on a compass.  I am from Boston and ‘NE’ will always be home to me, no matter where I am.  The center was left open so I can wait and decide what I want to put there.  I’m going to let something just come to me once I’m on the road to represent something meaningful during my travels.

My sister has gone with me for my last several tattoos which is always fun, but I swear she just likes to watch me in pain for payback of childhood torture or something.  Today she finally booked an appointment for her first tattoo, somethings she’s been wanting for a long time.  She’s excited but terrified and I can’t wait to go with her.  I promised her that I wouldn’t laugh at her like she does at me while she’s in pain, I’ll try my best to keep that promise.  Since it’s her first one I suppose I can be the empathetic support for her.  But once she’s hooked and wants another, all bets are off.

I didn’t  book another appointment this time like I usually do because I don’t know where I’ll be and when I’ll be back in the area since my goal is to be on the road by the first of the year.  So I’ll wait until I get my plans in order and then book something for like March or April and just plan to visit home for a bit during that time.  But I have to admit, I already want another one.  Yeah, they’re slightly addicting and I’m not even close to done.

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