It’s happening!!!!

Shit is getting real now!

I got a good swift kick in the ass by my friend a couple of weeks ago. And my plans are now moving right along. I have a 3 step plan in motion.

Step 1 – get rid of it ALL!
For the last three weeks, with huge help from my sister, I have gone through every room in my apartment and cleared out soooooo much stuff. I’ve sold a couple more things and most importantly, I have brought three carloads of boxes filled with stuff to the donation center. It feels so good, and I don’t even care about actually selling stuff anymore……..I just want it all gone, once and for all.

Step 2 – move out and save, save, save!
I will be giving my landlord notice on August 1st and will be out of my apartment by August 31st, if not sooner. I will be moving in with my sister for a bit then with a friend for a bit.  I’ll be staying between the two of them for a length of time that I can’t disclose yet in case there are eyes watching that I don’t want to know my timeline yet….if you know what I mean.

But during this time, I will be saving my money to travel.

I’m still torn between traveling the country in an RV or traveling abroad for 6 months to a year and then coming back to the US to get an RV to call home.  Or maybe I’ll do both, travel for a month or so around the US and then go abroad for several weeks at a time.  But I feel the need to start my new lifestyle with a trip to SE Asia for at least a month, but I’ll decide later if it will be longer before I come back and travel in an RV.

I obviously don’t have all the details worked out yet but at least I finally have a plan and I’m moving closer every day.

Step 3 – Hasta la vista baby!
I do have a date in mind that I plan to leave Boston, but again, I can’t share that information yet…..not just yet. More of that to come.

Like I mentioned above, at this point I’m still not sure if I’m traveling abroad for a bit first or traveling the country then flying abroad here and there for some trips I have in mind, but it’s all going to work out the way it’s supposed to.

Like a friend just recently (as in last night) said to me, “fake it until you make it”.  Sounds like a solid plan to me.

I am looking forward to many days like this!  Just sayin.

Kalen Emsley

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