Information gold mine…

I have been searching out all sorts of information online to really learn everything I can about living in a van around the country.  There are a lot of great websites and blogs out there and I love seeing how others are doing it, it’s a great inspiration.

Then I came across a gold mine of information on the Cheap RV Living website, it really has everything you need in one place.  I spent almost an entire day reading all the fantastic articles on here and I’m blown away with amount of helpful information about the lifestyle.

There are “how to” articles here for everything from ideas for converting different kinds of vehicles to installing electrical and solar to heating and cooling and even everyday situations like personal hygiene, cooking and road safety.

I found this site to be so helpful that I decided to join the forum.  Everyone seems to be nice and very helpful.  I think this is definitely the place that is going to help me make my dream a reality.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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