I need another wave.

So it seems that selling everything you own works in waves, and I need another wave!

I have sold a lot of my things now, including much of my large furniture pieces.  But the pile of stuff dwindles and so doesn’t the messages of interest to buy my things from online.  I need another wave of sales or I think I’m ready to pack everything else up and bring it to Good Will just to get rid of it and get out of my apartment.

I just haven’t had the time lately to deal with the time suck that it is to post every little thing to sell.  It’s just not worth it anymore.  Even though I can see my goal in sight, the momentum dies down.

I don’t want to be sitting here at the end of the year being at the same place I was in the beginning of there because that means I won’t be on the road.  I need to do something different here to get things moving.

It is SO easy to do the day to day thing and lose track of time and your goals.  I look at the calendar and it’s April 3rd, yeah April freakin 3rd!  And here I am, still in my apartment (albeit much emptier) wanting to be on the road yesterday.  My plan was to be out of my apartment by now saving all my money!

I shall keep plugging away here to get things moving, I need to make this happen!!!!




4 thoughts on “I need another wave.”

  1. Hi Cheli,
    Found your link while browsing through Bobs (crvl) site. “Running away from home”; got quite a chuckle from the title, as I tell people that I’m running away to home.
    Recently was in the same boat as you are… sales dwindling; peoples interest faded. I personally went with one final rock bottom sale. As in, what they would pay they paid. The final few “big ticket” items also went up at drastically reduced denominations. Made a few people ridiculously happy. What didn’t move was donated, made the call and let them do all the labor.
    Good luck with shedding the last of your stuff, and getting out there full-time.

    1. Hi Don! I am sorry I’m just getting back to you, I have been going in so many directions lately.

      So I see you understand the frustration with trying to sell everything. When it gets down to all the little things like kitchen stuff and decor, lights etc it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle to me. I’ve actually collected a bunch of boxes and I’ve been separating everything by category and they will be heading off to the Salvation Army or a donation center for the Veterans or something like that. I need to just get rid of it, it’s not worth the ten bucks here and twenty bucks there.

      Thank you for the well wishes, I hope to be out there full-time soon! So exciting!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Time went by fast already? Hmmm…I wonder if you could try to sell at crafts and arts show or rent a kiosk cart/stand at the mall. I don’t know if you want to try or not. At least , I’m trying to help you an idea.
    Just you know that I’m going to travel around the Europe! Nothing hold me back! I tired to wait at right time to travel because there is no right time to travel anyway! Thank to Nomad Matt blog! Thank for resources lists you put up in here!
    Have a good day. 😉

    1. Hi Eric! Time does go by way too fast. You are going to travel around Europe?!?! Awesome, good for you! Yes, Nomad Matt’s blog is great isn’t it? Glad it helped you out.

      I would LOVE to hear about your travels so be sure to keep in touch and share your adventures. You can send me email directly too at cheli@runningawayfromhome.com

      Safe travels!

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