I hope…..

Last week my sister and niece were at my house and my sister didn’t have the password for my new wi-fi and she was trying to log onto her phone.

Side note here, before I continue.

I’ve mentioned before how my niece (who I will refer to as “Peanut” from here on out because that’s what I call her) was initially VERY upset about my plans to leave and travel the country.  After a couple of emotional melt downs, my sister had a chat with her about it.  Peanut expressed how upset she is with my plan and how she doesn’t want me to leave.

My sister, Jennifer, said it was no different than how she has dreams for her future.  She said “you know how you have big dreams for when you get big?  Well Auntie Cheli has dreams too and we need to let her follow those dreams, whether we like it or not.”  She also added that we will still talk on the phone all the time and we can chat on Skype as much as we can.  Somehow, that made sense to Peanut and now she can deal with it.  Although she is quick to say that she is “not happy about it” but she uderstands.

Now back to the story.

“What’s the password for your wi-fi?” Jennifer asked.

“HitTheRoad” I answered.

Well, with the quick wit that my nine year old niece has (she takes after her Auntie for sure) she instantly yelled “Really?  HitTheRoad?  Why is your password HitTheRoad?”

Jennifer and I chuckled and didn’t say anything.

Then I remembered “oh, there’s an exclamation point at the end.  So it’s HitTheRoad!”

With an even quicker response, and oh so full of sassy attitude, head bob and all, Peanut spat out “Oh really?  There’s an exclamation point at the end?  Why is your password HitTheRoad exclamation point?  Why?  Because you can’t wait to abandon us”?

I nearly fell off the seat.  Honestly, where does this kid come up with this stuff?

For a split second, I feared she was upset again.  Then I turned around and saw that little shit eaten grin on her face.  Yup, she was bustin’ my chops big time.

I hope that she will learn a lot through my adventure and experiences.

I hope when she gets a little older, she will join me on road trips here and there.

I hope that she grows up without the fear of taking chances and following her dreams.

I hope she knows how proud I am of her, sassy attitude and all.

I hope she knows how much I am going to miss her and her ginormous hugs that take my breath away.

I hope she knows how much I love her.

I hope she knows how amazing she is.

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