I drank the LLR koolaid!

I have some exciting news, scary but exciting!!!!! I have become a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer.  I am so excited I can’t stand it.  I’m also terrified, but more excited.

16997997_10155004176144318_9126112360360707430_nMy LLR obsession didn’t start too long ago, I got my first pair of leggings in the beginning of November.  So in just three months my love for everything LLR has gone from ‘what is this LuLaRoe everyone is talking about’ to ‘Omg I must have that Cassie skirt in my life! No seriously, I need it”.

I know what you’re thinking. “Cheli, why are you obsessing over clothes when you are trying to downsize and hit the road”?  Well that’s a completely valid question.  And my answer is quite simple.

There are several things I love about LLR so let me share with you:

  • The clothes are sooooo comfortable!  Like seriously comfortable.
  • Everything I wear makes me feel beautiful!
  • It’s extremely versatile so I can have numerous outfits with less pieces.
  • And this is the best part, it’s how I’m going to make money on the road!!!!

That’s right, I’m going to be a traveling LLR retailer.  The nature of the business allows me to sell inventory ANYWHERE!  A lot of it is done in online album sales on Facebook but there are also in home parties and I will be posting the schedule of the cities I will be traveling through for anyone who wants me to “pop up” for an in home party.

It’s really going to be AMAZING!!!!!

The biggest issue to work around will be how to travel with inventory, but I have some ideas so will work it out for sure.

Will I be doing this long term?  I don’t know but certainly hope so.

Will this be something I do for a year or two so I end up with enough funds to travel for the next five without working?  I don’t know that either but I’d be fine with that too.

This is the direction that has been put in front of me right now and I am going to follow it and see where it leads me.

I sense a lot of new and wonderful things ahead, stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “I drank the LLR koolaid!”

  1. Hi, Cheli. You have so many things to try to make money. Are you still uber?
    So, don’t worry you will find a way to bring money in while you travel. You are a smart girl!

    1. Yes I am still Uber but very rarely do it, just here and there but I can’t do that once I start to travel. Selling LuLaRoe is something I love and I can definitely do that on the road, it will be exciting! I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to make money, I’m money hungry. If I had to shovel horse sh*t for a week on a farm in Nebraska so I could travel another month on the road, I certainly would. LOL

  2. I don’t know if can handle with horse sh*t but I can for 10 minutes, that’s it. Lol
    However, I love animals.

    1. hahaha I hear ya. It would be no fun but if a week of it kept me on the road for a month I’d do it. And I love animals too.

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