How about them Patriots!


The New England Patriots did it again!  But I knew they would.

If you don’t know this about me yet, you will now.  I am a die hard Patriots fan.  In general I’m not a big sports girl but I absolutely LOVE football.

In usual Patriots style, Brady gave us a nail biter down to the wire.  I know many who gave up by half time but I never did.  I was nervous sure, but I kept saying “this is going to be an amazing come back, a win that will be talked about for a long time to come”.  I had to believe that and believe it I did.

Whether you are a Pats fan or not, you have to respect and appreciate how they pulled it together as a team and came back from such a huge deficit to win it.  What a game it was.  Holy crap my blood pressure couldn’t handle it and I swear they shaved ten years off my life.

But in the end, they won and they broke all sorts of records.  They are an amazing team, have a genius coach and arguably the best quarterback ever.

I will always be a Pats fan no matter where I travel.

Go Patriots!

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  1. Hi, Cheli! I’m sorry that I missed the game. Sorry that I’m not Patriots fan but fan of Boston Celtics. I’m *sigh* still root with Vikings.

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