Hippie chick….hip hip hip….hippy chick.

So I wanted to share a funny little story from work today.

There is a girl I work with who keeps telling me to “just do it” and always says “what’s the worst that will happen, you come back home if it doesn’t work out?”

hippieSo today I was thinking how it seems to be so much to sell everything, then worry about what van to get, spend all sorts of money on a van and customization blah blah blah.

So I joked and said “I’m just going to buy a one way ticket to Bali, become a cliche’ and go find myself.”

To which she responded “yuck, you’re going to travel Bali and become a hippie?”

Uhhh what?  What part of living in a van doesn’t stir up images of being a hippie?  LOL

Either way, I think hippies are beautiful……inside and out.  Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Hippie chick….hip hip hip….hippy chick.”

  1. That’s o.k. I’m in the form of light and energy, my spaceship is just around the corner, and I’m my own god of my virtual universe when I decide to play. Ha!, who needs materialism.

    I read that most people destroy their health and age trying to make lots of money when they are young. Only then to turn around and spend it all trying to stay young, healthy, or alive, when they get old. So what good is that. Life is short, so enjoy life while you can, yeeees while you caaaan.

    Big P.S.- Just to let you know. I’m 52 old, divorced, and free, I have been told by females that I an good looking, and no, there is no Tinker Bell in the van. She told me that most young girls don’t like vans or RVs, only houses and condos. You know how it is, It’s all about the money and the lifestyle when your a young girl.

    On the other hand, if you ever do come to central Florida and would like to hang with me as friends for whatever interest you, snorkel in the Keys, river safari cruise, river camping, Zip-line repelling, hang-gliding at Wallaby Ranch, Daytona Beach Board Walk, International Drive-Kissimmee, theme parks, water parks-Typhoon Lagoon, and so on, and so on.
    I think it would be fun, just an idea if you like to, just need two weeks notice so I can put in for PTO-Paid Time Off. and off I go.

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