Sleeping in a hammock?

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I have seen many conversations about sleep options in a van.  Mostly the question is whether to put a bed along the back from side to side or whether to put it along one side from the back toward the front.  To platform or not to platform, that is the question.  Err sorry, went into dork mode for a second there.

Well, I remember a post on a forum about sleeping in a hammock, inside the van.  Yeah, I never would have thought of it either.  This woman set up an eye bolt on one corner in the back of her vehicle and another on the opposite corner at the  front end of her vehicle.  At night she hangs her hammock up with carabiners and viola, a hanging bed.

I thought this was brilliant and what a space saver.  Imagine what you could do with all that space that isn’t taken up with a big ol bed!  Now I’m not sure I could actually sleep in a hammock but she said it was very comfortable.

Normally when I think of hammocks I always picture the typical rope hammock that we had in our back yard growing up that hung on a big metal stand.  I had no idea there are all sorts of hammocks out there now that are super light, pack up to the size of a grapefruit and are made of very durable parachute material.

I did my research because I wanted to invest in a good quality hammock.  I am from the school of you get what you pay for.  But at the same time I didn’t want to spend a small fortune.  So I ended up purchasing an Eno DoubleNest Hammock and the Eno Atlas Hammock Suspension System (that I heard was better than the slap straps).  I spent about $120 for the set up and I am confident it’s going to be worth it.


I am soooooo excited to try this out and it just so happens that I have a camping trip coming up.  I might even set this up before setting up my tent.

I will definitely try sleeping in it and see how it works and who knows, this may be my option for van dwelling.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

6 thoughts on “Sleeping in a hammock?”

  1. I bought the disc cot from Amazon, it was to be one of the best cots to sleep on. It was no good! My arms got pushed inward and my back was bent downward. So I bought a mem-foam mattress I use no platform, so when done using it I put it up against the van wall held in place with bungee-cord. I then have plenty of room if I want to use my folding recliner or if I just want to float around in zero gravity. Just kidding about the last statement, maybe.

    I only use two tall plastic bins to hold what I put on and the side door well holds the rest. Any used laundry goes in a tall pop-up fabric hamper, it’s all tall, light weight, and saves space, end of story.
    All I did to customize my new van 6-cylinder Chevy, it does save gas, is some very basic stuff. I mostly only use the van to sleep in. I spend most of my time in Never Never Land- nickname for Florida’s Play Ground. For example, you can Parachute on top of a very large fan, you can do rolls, flips, dive up-down, and yes it does feel like zero gravity, lots of fun and no danger. There is also Parasailing rentals, fast kick-ass Fan Boat Tours, Zip-Line, Down-town Disney, International Drive, Daytona Beach Board Walk, and so much more. When your van is the accommodations one can save money stay longer and so play longer. It just a money saving lifestyle that Rocks!

    1. That’s my plan, to accommodate my van with all the essentials that I need so I can go anywhere I want and save money. I want to do the same thing regarding basically just sleeping in my van and spending my days enjoying all there is to do, but have whatever I need with me.

      Sounds like you have it all figured out and doing a ton of fun stuff!!!! 🙂

      The zero gravity sounds like a blast.

        1. I did actually, just haven’t had a chance to post about it yet. I went camping last week and I set it up between two tress before even setting up my tent. I wanted to spend the entire time in it reading or napping, but I didn’t. I have to say, best money I’ve ever spent. hahaha I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

  2. Chili,

    I have been hammock sleeping in both van and house for 2 1/2 years. It’s clearly my preferred way to sleep.

    What I like best in the van is that when the hammock is down I’ve got all this floor space. If I need to be in the van because of cold or wind or too many people (like in a parking lot) I can put a camp chair in the free floor space and have lots of choices for position, which way to face, etc. I am a squirmy person and I like having lots of choice. I look forward to seeing what you do in your van. Sorry you won’t be at RTR this ear but I will look forward to meeting you someday in the desert or mountains.

    1. That’s a great point about having all that extra floor space, I may need to seriously consider the hammock option in the van. I’m so bummed that I won’t be making the RTR, I was really hoping I’d get everything wrapped up and on the road quicker. I definitely didn’t think it would be such a long process. But it will happen soon enough and I look forward to meeting you someday soon and the desert or mountains sounds perfect!!!!

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