Get rid of it all!

When deciding to change to a life of living in a van, you realize how much crap you accumulate over the years. I thought I was a minimalist, not even close. I’m amazed at how much stuff I have and need to get rid of.

And to think, four years ago I drastically downsized when moving from my 2,000 sq ft house of fourteen years to a 1,200 sq ft apartment and then again two years ago when I went even smaller to a 1,000 sq ft apartment. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a hoarder (no offense to hoarders)… home is clean and clutter free, I just have stuff in every cabinet, closet and piled high in bins in my storage room. All those things that you think you will use someday, or all those clothes that you swear you’re going to fit in again. It’s all got to go!

Over the last couple of months I have been casually going through aforementioned crap and posting them online to sell and I’ve given some things away. I’ve sold some things here and there but it’s not as easy as you would think. I mean, who wouldn’t want all of my amazing and precious belongings right?

Well, I find it to be a very tedious task and need to come up with a more organized system because I have things posted everywhere and I’m feeling confused. I have been using Facebook yard sale sites, Craigslist, and apps like Letgo and Close5.

What I need to do is really set a weekend aside to go through everything and sort it in piles to sell, donate and toss. Then post it all on Craigslist according to category like electronics, crafts, kitchen gadgets and so on.

I saw a girl in one of the local town groups that I’m a member of on Facebook post a link to her Craigslist listing saying that she thought she’d share it locally to see if anyone there was interested first. It worked out very well for her, she sold everything within a couple days and all to local people without dealing with the Craigslist ad. I am definitely going to give that a shot.

I am very excited to get rid of everything because that means I’m getting closer to leaving the life of paying rent and being able to live more free. But I think the only thing that makes me afraid of this step is feeling that what if I sell everything and still don’t have the means to get a van and hit the road? But then I remind myself that I want to unleash myself from so many possessions anyway and at the very least I will succeed in that and take it from there.

I would love to hear your feedback on dealing with a drastic downsize, whether it was to become a nomad or not. Feel free to share your experience, good or bad or simply what you learned from the process.

3 thoughts on “Get rid of it all!”

  1. It is very hard to let go and downsize. I did it to live full time in a 12 foot camper. I was running away from home also. I still downsize now and again. Without possessions holding me back and paying for a place to hold my possessions, I have never been freer in my life. I had no clue what freedom felt like.

  2. Well, You should see in my garage last year. It was horrible mess !! There was hardly a room to park my car in two car garage. Even, I barely walk around the car. So, I finally put out to trash 64 garbage bags!! Those stuffs in garage is my stuff and my parents stuff ( both passed away 2003/2004) and also my mom saved all the stuff I did when I was in school!!! I get emotional/stress out to see stuffs around the house that I can’t stand it. I was trying hard to ignore and make go away but NO! As right now, I’m still working on. Grrrr! I mean like what am I thinking about carry all the stuffs every time I move?!
    So, anyway, I’m going call about bring a Dumpster soon. I can’t wait to rid of it. Most of stuff in house which I will try sell over ebay as much as possible. Also, some may go thift stores.

    1. I can relate, we tend to get attached to things and it’s crazy. I am also tired of dragging everything along with me every time I move, I feel your pain.

      Now that I’ve been downsizing and trying to get rid of everything to hit the road I find that I’m overwhelmed with a bunch of crap that never seemed to bother me before. It’s like I can’t get rid of it fast enough. I come home at night and I have piles of stuff everywhere as I try to sort it all for sell, donate and trash. I can’t wait to be down to only the essentials to live in a van, I know it will feel liberating. Good luck with your plan to break free from stuff too, you will be better for it.

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