Cooking on the road.

As I get closer to purchasing my van I’ve been thinking about numerous floorpan options for my van interior.  I’m obsessed with Pinterest and pinning any great ideas that I come across.

Once I get my actual vehicle I’ll be able to really plan it out depending on the measurements I will have to work with.  But there are certain options that I know I want that won’t change depending on the vehicle.

One of them is a way to cook.  It will be basic and simple but I still want a way to cook.  After much consideration I decided on a two burner cook top.  Initially I was thinking something like the Coleman camping stove but then I did some more research and came across a safer option that would work better for me.


I have now added the Origo 3000 Alcohol Stove from West Marine to my wish list.  This will be the best option for me because safety is my biggest concern.  This stove is a marine stove so if it’s safe enough to cook on a boat it’s definitely safe enough to cook in my van.

Camping stoves use propane bottles which are combustable and that worries me in a small space.  The Origo stove uses denatured alcohol which isn’t combustable and burns vapors from the alcohol and can be quickly distinguished.  It’s like those little canisters used underneath catering trays.  This stove is safe and easily installed without the necessary safety requirements of propane stoves.  And it can be installed set down in a counter tops with no hazards of heat concerns.

It’s a little pricey but I think it’s definitely worth the investment to keep my mind at ease.  After all, this will be my home so I will spend a little extra for the safety of something I will be using daily on the road.

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