Live abroad on the cheap?

I stumbled upon this great post and thought I would share it for those interested in traveling abroad.  It was definitely an interesting read for me since I keep going back and forth between traveling abroad or traveling the country.  Which do I do first?

Anyway, here’s the article…..let me know what you think.

Quit Your Job And Live Abroad: Places so cheap you might not need to work.

I love how each location has an estimated monthly budget in both dollars and the currency of the location, and that it’s broken down by expense.

A quiet street in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Schaffer/Flickr)

Chiang Mai and Portugal are two places that I keep feeling drawn to as my first destination for travel abroad so I was happy to see them both on this list.

Several things factor into why these two destinations interest me.  From what I have found in my research, they both are affordable, have a wonderful climate and are female traveler friendly.

That makes them A Okay in my book.

I am itching to get out of here like you can’t believe.  I wish all the starts would align and the cosmic energy around me would be enough to make this all happen now.

Patience Cheli…..patience.  It will happen, I am determined.

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Someday….this won’t matter.

Unfortunately for now…..yes I need this job. But soon enough, I won’t be waking up to an alarm clock to head off to a dreadful job.

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I need another wave.

So it seems that selling everything you own works in waves, and I need another wave!

I have sold a lot of my things now, including much of my large furniture pieces.  But the pile of stuff dwindles and so doesn’t the messages of interest to buy my things from online.  I need another wave of sales or I think I’m ready to pack everything else up and bring it to Good Will just to get rid of it and get out of my apartment.

I just haven’t had the time lately to deal with the time suck that it is to post every little thing to sell.  It’s just not worth it anymore.  Even though I can see my goal in sight, the momentum dies down.

I don’t want to be sitting here at the end of the year being at the same place I was in the beginning of there because that means I won’t be on the road.  I need to do something different here to get things moving.

It is SO easy to do the day to day thing and lose track of time and your goals.  I look at the calendar and it’s April 3rd, yeah April freakin 3rd!  And here I am, still in my apartment (albeit much emptier) wanting to be on the road yesterday.  My plan was to be out of my apartment by now saving all my money!

I shall keep plugging away here to get things moving, I need to make this happen!!!!




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I drank the LLR koolaid!

I have some exciting news, scary but exciting!!!!! I have become a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer.  I am so excited I can’t stand it.  I’m also terrified, but more excited.

16997997_10155004176144318_9126112360360707430_nMy LLR obsession didn’t start too long ago, I got my first pair of leggings in the beginning of November.  So in just three months my love for everything LLR has gone from ‘what is this LuLaRoe everyone is talking about’ to ‘Omg I must have that Cassie skirt in my life! No seriously, I need it”.

I know what you’re thinking. “Cheli, why are you obsessing over clothes when you are trying to downsize and hit the road”?  Well that’s a completely valid question.  And my answer is quite simple.

There are several things I love about LLR so let me share with you:

  • The clothes are sooooo comfortable!  Like seriously comfortable.
  • Everything I wear makes me feel beautiful!
  • It’s extremely versatile so I can have numerous outfits with less pieces.
  • And this is the best part, it’s how I’m going to make money on the road!!!!

That’s right, I’m going to be a traveling LLR retailer.  The nature of the business allows me to sell inventory ANYWHERE!  A lot of it is done in online album sales on Facebook but there are also in home parties and I will be posting the schedule of the cities I will be traveling through for anyone who wants me to “pop up” for an in home party.

It’s really going to be AMAZING!!!!!

The biggest issue to work around will be how to travel with inventory, but I have some ideas so will work it out for sure.

Will I be doing this long term?  I don’t know but certainly hope so.

Will this be something I do for a year or two so I end up with enough funds to travel for the next five without working?  I don’t know that either but I’d be fine with that too.

This is the direction that has been put in front of me right now and I am going to follow it and see where it leads me.

I sense a lot of new and wonderful things ahead, stay tuned.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am a simple girl and I don’t make a big fuss about holidays, especially Valentine’s Day.

The last thing I want is for my partner to go spend a crap load of money on flowers and chocolate just because he feels he has to on some silly holiday.  And I definitely have no interest in going to some fancy restaurant where they jack up the prices for one night because everyone feels they have to go out for some romantic dinner.

No thanks, that just isn’t for me.

That being said, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I hope you celebrated it exactly how you like to whether it be a fancy dinner or flowers and chocolate.  But I hope your loved one makes you feel special every day of the year.   XOXO


This is the first year in a while that I am single on Valentine’s Day and I soooooooo okay with that!

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How about them Patriots!


The New England Patriots did it again!  But I knew they would.

If you don’t know this about me yet, you will now.  I am a die hard Patriots fan.  In general I’m not a big sports girl but I absolutely LOVE football.

In usual Patriots style, Brady gave us a nail biter down to the wire.  I know many who gave up by half time but I never did.  I was nervous sure, but I kept saying “this is going to be an amazing come back, a win that will be talked about for a long time to come”.  I had to believe that and believe it I did.

Whether you are a Pats fan or not, you have to respect and appreciate how they pulled it together as a team and came back from such a huge deficit to win it.  What a game it was.  Holy crap my blood pressure couldn’t handle it and I swear they shaved ten years off my life.

But in the end, they won and they broke all sorts of records.  They are an amazing team, have a genius coach and arguably the best quarterback ever.

I will always be a Pats fan no matter where I travel.

Go Patriots!

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Happy Friday the 13th


Just another normal day.

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I’m still here!

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and tell you that I haven’t disappeared.

I work at a payroll company and year end is just a nightmare. It begins in December and is crazy all the way through to the 1st of February.

So needless to say I haven’t had much time to post on here but I’m still working on my plan to hit the road. I haven’t sold much of my stuff in the last month because of the holiday but I’m hoping it will pick back up now.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

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A new year deserves a new look.

I was getting a little bored with the look of my site and decided to give it a little makeover.

It looked ok to me but I didn’t love it, it is just what I created quickly when I first set up my blog. But a year later, the color combination and clouds became a little to bubble gummy and whimsical for me. So it was time for a change.

Now I wanted something with a more elegant feel and a richer color combination. Oh and get rid of the clouds.

If you forget already what it did look like (it was last year ya know), here is a reminder.


So what do you think? Yay or nay on the new look?

2017 is going to be my year……onward and upward!!!!! I’m really excited for things to be moving along and the goal getting closer.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year and all your dreams come true.

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Happy New Year!



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