Bargain on portable heater!

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I’m so excited!  Yes I know this is going to be silly to most of you but this is the first item that I purchased specifically for my nomadic van dwelling future.  It’s the little things that make me happy.

When I first started researching the van dwelling lifestyle, I kept coming across comments that a portable heater would be necessary.  Since I plan on heading out west and staying mostly in the Arizona, Nevada and Colorado area I didn’t think I would need a heater because I figured I would just follow the warm weather through the seasons.  But the more I kept reading information from others already living the lifestyle, and for quite some time, they all talked about how it can still get cool in the evenings.  I decided that I better look into it more and be prepared.  I would hate to assume that I won’t need heat then end up being too cold during the nights and having to get something out of desperation.  If I had to purchase something quick, I might not get what I want or pay too much for something out of need.

In my research of what portable heater to invest in, I found that the Mr. Buddy portable heater is what I wanted.  It runs off of propane and heats up to 200 sq ft, more than enough for a van.  It’s safe for use indoors and also has a safety shut off if it tipped over.  I found it on Amazon for $79.99 and decided to add it to my wish list to get later when I got closer to hitting the road.

Then I heard that Sports Authority was going out of business.  I waited a couple of weeks until they advertised everything was marked down to 30-50% off.  I found the Mr. Buddy heater and there was no price so I brought it to a register for a price check.  The girls said it’s 30% off so it’s $69.99.  I think they marked the prices up just to mark them down.  I didn’t think it was worth getting for just $10 less than I could get it online.  I decided to wait.

MrBuddyAnyway, that was about a month ago.  I was at another store near Sports Authority tonight for something else so decided to pop in and see what they had left and if the prices were better.  The store was pretty much cleared out but I found the portable heaters, so again brought one to the register for a price check.  It was $39.99!  Yup, I’ll take it.  It’s a good enough savings where I didn’t want to risk waiting for the prices to go down more and then there not be any left.

So here is my awesome new portable heater, my first official purchase specifically for my nomadic life.  I’m way more excited than I should be.

4 thoughts on “Bargain on portable heater!”

  1. Be careful with condensation you and your van might wake up to heavy dampness. There is a propane heater that is vented and you can stick the hose out the window. Uses little fan power and is perfect for vans, small RVs . Let me know if you want the website. Like your Blog, very cool.

    1. Yes someone else had mentioned the condensation issue too, I never even thought of it. I think I’ll keep this for chilly nights outdoors if I’m not sitting around a campfire but would love information on the vented heater you are talking about. Everything about this lifestyle will be a learning curve for me so I’m open to any helpful information available.

      Glad you like my blog, thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  2. You can just Google vented catalytic heater, I think there are other companies that also sell. I don’t use a heater in my van. But I live in Central Florida and just use one or two comforters. Then in the morning I turn on the van heater and head for work, or Never Never Land at Disney. Yes I’m Peter Pan, no just a joke, maybe. The cat heater only uses less than 0.5 amps 12-volts in run time, very good, low noise, and comes with easy vent kit.

    Check out websites below, one is a do it yourself hose hookup instruction. Also some other good do it yourself info.

    1. Awesome, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the information, it’s much appreciated.

      Oh, and does Tinkerbell stay in the van too? hahaha

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