17629864_10155103437114318_3327492849031341249_nI’m a 40 somethin’ girl who is sick and tired of the mundane hustle and bustle of this thing we call life.

So I’m RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME!!!  (minus the hobo stick over my shoulder)

That’s right…..I’m going to sell everything I own, buy a somewhat small RV with comfortable accommodations, save as much money as I can, quit my job, then hit the open road and explore this great country of ours.

I’ve reached a point in my life where, although I do well for myself, I’m tired of living the daily routine and craziness of working too much and not living life enough.  I’ve decided that living in a house full of things just isn’t enough.  Although I’ve worked hard to be where I am and living comfortably with pretty much anything I want, I feel as though I haven’t accomplished anything meaningful in life.  I don’t want another ten years to flash by and realize I still haven’t done anything to speak of, I don’t want any regrets.

I want fun, adventure and memories!

So follow my progress as I work my way to the road and then follow my journey while I blog and photo journal my adventures.

When does my new life begin?

If it was up to me, I’d quit my job today and hit the road immediately.  But this is a hard because there are several variables that I need to get in line before I’m able to follow my dream:

  1. Pay down my auto loan so I can at least break even when I sell it.
  2. Sell everything I own!
  3. Save enough money to purchase an RV, it won’t be new but it needs to be decent and reliable.
  4. Hit the road

I would love to begin my adventure as soon as I can but it’s going to take some time.  I’m not giving myself a deadline but keeping things moving forward and see how it all rolls out.

Where am I going to go?


My plan is to visit all 50 states of the USA.  As far as what route I’m going to take, I don’t have that planned out yet as I’m still in the very beginning stages of this adventure.

If there is anything that you consider a “must see” in your state, please share with me because I don’t want to miss a thing.

Here is a map of states that I have visited in my own random travels over the years.  As you can see, I haven’t seen nearly enough of the country.  I will be making this entire map pink once I run away from home.